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Tech Lab 2020 is proud to be a Dell channel partner.


Get your best price on the new Dell Computer (and other Dell hardware) you want, then call us... With our volume discounts we'll be sure to beat it!


Get a GREAT system that meets your needs at a GREAT price.


Have your new Dell shipped directly to you or, for a small additional charge, Tech Lab 2020 can take delivery of your new computer and customize it for you with any additional programs you like. Commonly, customized new PCs are delivered to you with your office applications, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs already installed and configured.



All our Dell PCs come with full Dell warranties, serviced by Dell.


Every computer ordered is eligible for our Standard Configuration Package (cost: $100).


Standard Package:

    • Test machine
    • Install, Register, Configure, Patch, Update Windows
    • Configure, Patch, Update Internet Explorer
    • Install, Register, Configure, Patch, Update your Office applications
    • Install other basics, such as anti-virus, Adobe Reader, anti-spyware, and more!
    • Install other software you specify
    • Install printer driver to hard drive
    • Price does not include labor if issues found with hardware.


    Package upgrades include:

    • Norton Ghost $150 (inclusive) - Protection from rebuilding PC from scratch
    • Remote Administrator $50 (+ setup*) - Allows expedited repairs and remote assistance
    • On-site setup ($50 + travel, if applicable) - Hook everything together at your site and test for you.
    • Service contracts


Norton Ghost backs up your entire PC to CDs.

Should your machine ever need to be rebuilt due to data corruption, a virus, and/or hardware failure, this task can easily be accomplished by using the Norton Ghost Restore CD's to restore the image from the cd(s) to your hard drive.


Remote Administrator (RA) allows Tech Lab 2020 to expedite support and maintenance by remotely logging in to your computer via your internet connection. Program installation does not include hourly rate for support issues, but will eliminate the need for travel time and expenses. (Hourly charges may not apply to service contract holders.) High speed internet is recommended for maximum performance.

* An additional setup fee (standard hourly rate) is required to ensure your firewall(s) will allow us to access your RA-enabled PC from our location. If unconfigured, your firewall(s) will prevent us from accessing your PC remotely.


Contact us and let us tell you how we can help you.

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